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Leder du efter et bestemt forsøgskit, så er du kommet til det rette sted. Her finder du et kæmpe udvalg af forskellige forsøgskits, som kan medvirke til at gøre bioteknologi endnu mere interessant. Forsøgskittet indeholder, som navnet lægger op til, alt det du skal bruge til at udføre et forsøg. Vi tilbyder kits til et hav af forskellige spændende forsøg, der kan være med til at gøre undervisningen mere varieret. Vores forsøgskits lægger op til både læring og sjov. Gå på udkig i vores udvalg, og find det forsøgskit, der passer bedst til dine præferencer.

Kit PCR-undersøgelse af planters genetik Varenummer: 336

Kit PCR-undersøgelse af planters genetik

Your students will see for themselves the relationship between genotype and phenotype by performing PCR using DNA extracted from Edvotek® Quick Plants™. Unlike the wild type Quick Plants™, the glabra mutant lacks trichomes (single-celled hairs) on its leaves. Using PCR, your students will compare a region of DNA that differs between the glabra mutant and the wild type plants, so they will see this variation at the DNA level.

1.229,00 DKK

Kit På jagt efter kræftgenet Varenummer: 314

Kit På jagt efter kræftgenet

Suppressor genes such as p53 are essential for cell functions. Mutations in the p53 gene can be correlated to predisposition for certain cancers. Mutations in genes can either be inherited or accumulated due to environmental insults. This experiment deals with a family pedigree determination of several generations relating to cancer formation due to p53 gene mutation. This experiment does not contain human DNA.

1.325,00 DKK

Kit På jagt efter min far Varenummer: S-49

Kit På jagt efter min far

Forsøgskit fra Edvotek. Solve the mystery of two boys separated from their parents a decade ago. Their biological mother is identified by mitochondrial DNA and their biological father from chromosomal DNA.

495,00 DKK

Kit På jagt efter seglcelle genet m/sout Varenummer: 315

Kit På jagt efter seglcelle genet m/sout

Southern blotting is an important technique used widely in clinical genetics and research. By transferring DNA from an agarose gel onto a membrane, the method allows you to analyze and identify the DNA bands on a gel precisely. Your students will use Southern blotting to find a point mutation in the hemoglobin gene indicating Sickle Cell Anemia.

1.325,00 DKK

Kit Restriktionsenzymers kløvn.mønster Varenummer: 102

Kit Restriktionsenzymers kløvn.mønster

Plasmid and lambda DNA are pre-digested with restriction enzymes - endonucleases that recognize and cut double-stranded DNA within or near defined base sequences. Digests are separated by agarose gel electrophoresis.

589,00 DKK

Kit Spredning af smitsomme sygdomme Varenummer: 166

Kit Spredning af smitsomme sygdomme

An infectious outbreak requires prompt & accurate identification of the biological agent. Often, early clinical symptoms are first identified in exposed individuals & then infectious agents are identified by lab tests. In this kit, students will transmit a simulated infectious agent (chemical dye) between classmates. The simulated infectious agent is only visible under long UV light. The pattern of transmission and primary source will be documented.

529,00 DKK

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/GFP Varenummer: 223

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/GFP

In this experiment, students will explore the biological process of bacterial transformation using E. coli and plasmid DNA. At the end of the activity, students will have experience observing and analyzing acquired traits (ampicillin resistance and fluorescence) as exhibited by transformed bacterial cells.

875,00 DKK

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/GFP+BFP Varenummer: 222

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/GFP+BFP

The Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), which is responsible for bioluminescence in the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, is used extensively in all areas of science. Many organisms have been transformed with the GFP gene. It has proven to be so useful that scientists have mutated it to produce Blue Fluorescent Protein (BFP). In this simple experiment your students will transform bacteria either with GFP, BFP or both!

1.110,00 DKK

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/pGAL Varenummer: 221

Kit Transformation af E.coli m/pGAL

In this experiment, your students will develop an understanding of bacterial transformation by plasmid DNA by introducing an opportunity to observe an acquired phenotypic trait of the transformed bacterial cells. The presence of blue bacterial colonies visually demonstrates the expression of a specific gene for the Lac+ phenotype.

980,00 DKK

Kit Transsformation af E.coli m/plasmid Varenummer: 201

Kit Transsformation af E.coli m/plasmid

695,00 DKK